Trauma Therapy and PTSD Treatment

You might need trauma therapy if you:

  • Have recurring nightmares, flashbacks, or panic attacks.
  • Feel on edge a lot, are frequently angry, or have suicidal thoughts.
  • Frequently avoid people, places, or activities that could trigger uncomfortable feelings.
  • Have difficulties sleeping and concentrating.
  • Feel like you are facing everything alone.

You may have experienced trauma in early childhood, such as verbal, physical, and/or sexual abuse, followed by a lifetime of difficulties. Or you may have been traumatized later in life by rape, domestic violence, other assaults, severe loss from natural disasters, war, or serious medical conditions.

You may have gone through extremely tough times or experienced severe trauma. What causes PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) is not only the severity of the trauma, but how well you were cared for after traumatic events. So, if your caregivers or those who were supposed to keep you safe were the ones who hurt and terrorized you, you will very likely carry lifelong wounds if you don’t receive treatment.

The good news is that you can heal even many years after the emotional trauma. First we make sure you are in a safe enough environment (internally and externally) to do trauma work at this time. Then we recognize and validate your protective mechanisms—the ways in which you have survived the trauma. These protective behaviors have guarded you as best they could, but may now be causing problems as well.

Second, we will care for the vulnerable, scared, and burdened child parts inside. These parts of you may never have received what they really needed, and won’t feel well until they do. It is never too late to give them what they need. Through your own inner wise and compassionate Self you will learn to give them what they need without getting overwhelmed by their desperation and longing.

I use a wide variety of techniques and approaches, but primarily rely on the Internal Family System (IFS) of healing. What makes my work so effective is the safety I provide. This safety comes from my curiosity rather than judgment, as well as my compassionate understanding and engaging and respectful approach. If you or a loved one needs trauma therapy, feel free to contact me for an appointment.

History, despite its wrenching pain, cannot be unlived, and if faced with courage, need not be lived again. —Maya Angelou


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