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Part of my life’s work is to support artists of various kinds to explore more freely their craft, find the confidence to share it, and experience fulfillment in their expressions. If we do not follow and support our own inspiration with dedication and commitment, our daily energy suffers and our lives can become unnecessarily burdensome.

Listening to the demands of your inner creators, as well as the concerns of your inner critics, you will find direction and purpose. Through our work together and on your own you will learn to trust yourself to be the steward of your talent and work in efficient ways to develop your art.

While difficult life circumstances may have contributed to finding a creative outlet, healing old wounds the right way does not stop the flow of creativity. On the contrary, a wider range and greater clarity is the expected result from emotional healing and support.


We often find our path to a spiritual life after betrayal by people. We find a more reliable source of comfort and protection in God or some Spirit of your understanding. I believe we all have a Divine Self in us that is connected to this Spirit. However, your own religious beliefs and spiritual experiences will guide our healing work.

I have found IFS to be a beautiful method for connecting our more vulnerable and pure parts with Self, while allowing old protective mechanisms to soften in the presence of a greater resource. Through this connection my clients have experienced authentic feelings of forgiveness, redemption, and love.

I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free. —Michelangelo


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