Consultation for Therapists and Other Healers

I call therapy/consultation for people in the healing professions tuning your own instrument. As professionals we need to be attuned to our client’s/patient’s vulnerabilities and protectiveness, and for that we need to know our own Self quite well.

This profession, despite the pain we witness, does not need to be burdensome, but should be invigorating and life affirming. Colleagues have said that my enthusiasm for this work is infectious. I believe this comes from me keeping my own instrument tuned, my senses sharpened and my observations clear. For that I engage in my own daily meditation and reflection as well as weekly participation in a peer group and individual professional consultation.

Of course, we learn the most about healing from our own clients, if we know how to ask. IFS is a system dedicated to learning what is important for transformation from within the client’s system itself. This understanding (besides knowing our own parts) protects against emotional fatigue of the therapist. Curiosity in combination with compassion is a very powerful force.


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