Alcohol and Addiction Counseling

If you are concerned about your alcohol consumption or other addictive behaviors, such as using illegal substances, excessive exercise, shopping beyond your means, or working non-stop, you may find my approach very helpful and healing.

Together we will discover what your addiction’s original purpose was when you first started it. It was probably the best way to cope with life at that time. For example, you may have had to numb feelings of fear, anger or sadness, because nobody was there to help you with those. Or, through the substance you consumed you could do things you did not feel capable of before, such as overcoming shyness and engaging with people.

I use the IFS model to help you connect with your inner and outer resources to help you live life to the fullest. These resources will protect you better than your addiction can, and without the terrible price of damaging your relationships, health, or financial stability.

Changing old habits takes diligence, persistence, and support. Therefore, I like working in conjunction with anonymous 12-step programs, such as AA or ACoA, that can provide you with additional support. However, these programs, or a belief in God, are by no means a requirement for our work together.

If you ever feel desperate to change your life or know someone who is suffering from the grip of an addiction, please contact me for an appointment.

There is more hunger for love and appreciation in this world than for bread. —Mother Teresa


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